söndag 27 januari 2013

Something different for 2013?

Well the CX season is drawing to a close, the snow has set in, and the long dark days aren't lightening up quickly enough.

So what is there to do that's vaugely CX related?

Well you could play video games and learn to ride rollers at the same time, Bruno Senna the F1 driver shows you how:

Or you could ride your bike along the beach, naturally the Dutch have turned this into a niche and formed a racing community around the idea:

Or you could plan a CX race in the style of the Morvelo guys from Brighton. In their words:
"Doing away with the traditional format of a single 1hr long race and instead getting our influence from Motocross and BMX racing, CityCross will be run over a series of "Motos". The top 50% of each Moto will qualify for the Semi Finals. The top 50% of the Semis will be rewarded with a race in the Final. 

Each race will be a 30 minute blast around a course that will comprise of man made obstacles, multiple lines, rubble heaps, barriers and more. Testing skills and speed in races that mix up superb close racing with some good old fashioned fun. Much like how you used to race your friends around the streets and woods on BMXs taking in all manner of detours and obstacles."